Hello World

About me and my blog

I'm not entirely sure how to start blogging, but I'm going to give it my best try.

My name is Brad Preston. I'm a software developer with a background in Golang and Javascript/Typescript. I'm currently studying Docker and Kubernetes, so I'll likely be blogging about my coding journey and what I've learned along the way.

Let's get into the meat and potatoes

Do people actually say that?

Anyway, like many other developers, I've followed a large handful of Udemy courses to help guide my learning (and totally finished every one of them, right?). However, when you get into real projects that aren't built in the perfect world of tutorials, sometimes things can get a little hairy.

For example, I was going through a "testing with Golang" course which included a very basic docker-compose file that contained a PostgreSQL image. In the testing course, the docker-compose file worked perfectly and all was good. When I went to build a simple API project using pretty much the same docker-compose setup, it didn't work. I spent a couple of days digging into the cause of the issue. Ultimately, I figured out that I just don't know enough about Docker.

So I booted up a Udemy course to learn Docker and Kubernetes. Thankfully, I now understand the difference between an image and a container, what happens when you build an image, and how docker-compose basically makes running Docker containers simple. Otherwise, you're passing flags to expose ports and pointing to volumes, etc.

I still come across the solution to my problem in my simple API project. However, I have a deeper understanding of how Docker works and what it does. I know this makes debugging a project using Docker much easier in the long run. Plus, I wanted to know how Docker and Kubernetes work anyway. So this is the perfect opportunity to learn - when you have a problem that needs a solution.

I'm going to try to keep up to date with blogging about my studies. I hear that blogging is a great way to help build your knowledge and share your journey.

Here's to the next blog post!